Telegram use for Indian stock market


Before moving ahead to know how telegram is used for getting updates with Indian stock market, first of all, we have to know what is a telegram.

What is telegram?

Telegram is a cloud messaging app used to send messages like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, hike etc. in that people can also send video, audio, photos and files of any type.

It can be used in any android, iOS, windows mobile even people can also download it in his/her Microsoft and Mac PC. Can be download from Play-store, app store etc. people can also use it as google chrome extension and can view it from above right side of the search tool.

Telegram is used for different purpose like conveying news, sharing some interesting facts, for fun, sharing free apps, movies and different content and of course for the stock market and it all done by different channels

To Know more what is telegram then follow the link :

How to use telegram and what is channels?

Telegram use is very simple. it is like YouTube where different You-Tuber created his/her channels.

That’s way different person created his/her channels at here and put their content here.

Only we have to find and join channels that we are wanted to join.
sometimes at that moment, you can see the previous content of that channel and sometimes admin have to permit our request if he doesn’t want to anyone join his channel.

Channels are a tool for broadcasting your messages to large audiences. They can have an unlimited number of subscribers, they can be public with a permanent URL and each post in a channel has its own view counter


How to use for the stock market?

As you can see above image of my telegram joined channels. In that, I have joined in various stock market channels that give me daily calls.

Caution: Some people are roughly doing this for there marketing purpose to join his service.

We also know that trading is a harmful thing and we must have to follow the philosophy of investors like

Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, Vijay Kedia, Radhakishan Damani etc

Maintain big distance from daily or intra-day trading even Damanione says we will give 5000 or 10000 return daily.

Only use telegram channel to keep updated with trending stock as my title said.

Many stocks which are very trending are discussed everywhere like last year HEG is trending share which discussed in telegram channel so many times on so many channels.

of course, that gives 1000% return in one year, that’s not good?

so there are different channels that are so useful.

Top 5 telegram channels  for the stock market:

1) DK Technical Analysis: Run by Dhananjay Kadam, one of the best channel and you can join by this link, but first of all open telegram in a browser of your pc.

2)  RJ’S ROCKET TRADES: Don’t know what is RJ stand for, and who run it but it is also one of my favourites and does not get confused with other channels with a similar name. link of this is

3) Fundamental Blasters: With sharing calls,  they also keep us motivated by putting different images of of this channel is

4) Absolute Fin Planner: This is my channel and I am sharing some valuable information and advisory picks based on swing trading, value investing, short term – long term etc. my link is

5)  Stock Pustak : Last but not least it is also useful channel,

in old days we are not going to learn things because there is some cost associated with it but today somehow it is free and this is educational purpose channel. The link is

also, there are some more channels and new is coming, you can get the different channel in every evening because aftermarket all of above channel put some ad on his channel so you can see it and join channel which is according to your style.


So that’s purpose in the stock market we are not forced join us or get our advisory,

We are giving choices that fit your style,


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