Top 10 sources for updates of the stock market

There are some sources which are helping us to keep updated about the stock market and help in identification of trend. So below is the list of top 10 sources to keep us updated.

1)  TV Channels:-

There are many TV channels that show news, activities, picks of experts and many more things that help us to keep updated. TV channels that are popular are given below:

  1. CNBC Awaaz,
  2. Zee News,
  3. BTVI – Business Television India
  4. NDTV Profit
  5. ET NOW

List of above channels are useful for identifying the market trend, market updates, and stocks updates to find out the best stock for our trading or investment purpose but we usually do not follow any experts that come up on TV and said to buy certain stocks on a certain price and sell it on other. The trader or Retail investors have their own analysis before buying the stocks.

2) Applications:-


Applications are one of the best sources to keep updated with the stock market and one of my favourite one. People who usually do not sit in front of the market with his desktop PC has got help with applications on their mobile phone that they are carrying.

Below is the list of top applications that are preferable and also that are free applications,

Click on name for download in mobile:

  1. Moneycontrol Markets On Mobile
  2. Economic Times: Market News
  3. Stock Edge
  4. Investing
  5. Yahoo finance

This list does not contain any of the apps that offer from broker side. this app is usually to keep us updated on the market and below is the link that gives full detail.

3) Websites:-

The website is a useful thing because as a trader we usually prefer to know all updates are websites and our 50 to 60 percent of the time for finding a better stock is passed on websites. some of are them give news updates, some use for the chart analysis or say technical analysis, some website for picks etc. and the list of the website on the stock market is long enough but at it here we share the top of them.


here only covers that websites which are based on providing news and some other updates, not cover that channel useful for technical analysis but Marketmojo is the only exceptional case.

this link also gives some insight into it.

4) Newspapers:-

Any of the newspaper contains information about the stock market in any of their pages but if you want more information so have to change your daily newspaper to any market-related paper and there are lots of newspaper that contains updates on their all of the pages. many of the newspaper also have their websites below is the list.

  1. Financial Express
  2. Business Standard
  3. Economic Times
  4. Financial Times
  5. The Times Of India

As said there are other newspapers that also contains information about stock market-related things but here not cover all because of this list shows only that newspapers which are known for Business and market updates.

5) Our Stock Broker:-

Most important thing is here we do not share any stockbroker list, here we only share why stockbroker is important for updates of the stock market.

we all have one question that why full-service broker charged hi brokerage rate and why we have to choose our broker wisely because the full-service broker is one that share market updated and other important things. If you have the full-service broker then you get regular updates of the stock market.

Stockbroker share this updates via their applications, software in which we are trading or from their office. If you sitting in your Stockbroker office where regular dealing is their then you get some picks for stocks.

disclaimer: there is one disclaimer and that is we have to know that Stockbrokers are trying to get their brokerages and for that they will do anything, they will push to buy any stocks or they will say you to start trading in F&O for more profit but keep in mind not any of the broker give perfect advise so only keep their updates in your mind and research by your own or ask your financial advisor.

6) Social Media Community :

Social media like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook etc are also helpful and website like where people have their views on particular stocks. that groups, channels or communities keep updates on stock market and it is one of the sources but you have to join that type of groups that share on stock market-related updates.

7) Magazines:

As like newspaper, this is also a very useful source to keep updated with the stock market and there are numbers of the magazine available for updates of the Stockmarket.

  • Forbes India
  • Business Today
  • Money Life
  • Money Today
  • Outlook Money
  • Dalal street

8) Podcast:

Before move ahead, we have to know what is a podcast,

From Dictionary,

” a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new instalments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.”

Only ET Radio is one that I know release better podcast, Podcast is not yet famous sources because less are listening and less are relishing.

Two other important sources to keep updated for the stock market is As below:

9) Telegram Channel: on this one blog is already created and shared my own channel

absolute Fin Planner and the link is

10) Investment advisor: For Perfect advisory system and great return, follow what your investment advisor says and sometimes they give better updates for stock market


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