Top 8 websites for technical and charts analysis

There are lots of websites on the internet that give information, analysis, news, updates, and advisory which are very helpful for us but this list identifies with websites of technical and charts analysis.

This article provides only that websites with technical analysis or say chart analysis. In this list, mentioned website provide other information and tools but here that is not discussed because the main topic is to identify those 8 websites that have mastered in technical analysis or chart analysis.

Here are 8 websites are listed that give technical and chart analysis.

Below is full list is given with details.

1) :-

  • This is the most recommended site for use in technical analysis and it connects with the global market.
  • This site covers all the detail within it about a chart analysis, stock screener, Fundamental data, news, and updates.
  • On this website, chart analysis is absolutely free for all and anyone can put indicators on a chart not only this but also not need to be anyone has to be perfect for chart analysis because technical summery provide all the details without detail analysis on the chart itself.


  • This website is very famous because it is so much different than other and great one. useful in both technical analysis and fundamental analysis. it shows Three signals for the stock like traffic signals by that anyone can summarize trend.
  • first of all, there are no charts that one can put indicators on it and identify a trend by it and not contain a number of technical analysis tools but it contains predetermine tools or sort of indicators on which one can identify a trend.
  • These tools are MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages, KST, Dow theory and OST. all these tools are shown with their meaning and visualize chart format.


  • This website is specialized in charts only and contains lots of tools, indicators, and widgets. Most used for chart analysis and as I know ‘’ used chart software of ‘’ only.
  • Offer Clear charts and flexible way for users but it is fully free or not it is a question for me anyone knows on this please comment so others can know it.
  • In ‘’ websites it also helps what community thinks on different stocks and it shows in chart format so it is very useful to find out trend by community members.


  • Expert traders use iCharts and it is very useful for traders or investors.
  • This website is not so much effective in visually but it contains lots of useful things like market Heatmap, Different chart styles and list of trending stocks that find out perfect stock for trading and investment.
  • This website is free for all. There technicals and charts analysis are free for use for anyone.


  • In this websites, basic technical analysis tools are available on the basic chart for free. if you need an expert chart with some expert tools one has to pay for there service.
  • It is useful for learning different indicators because they give different articles and blogs that give details about different indicators.


  • This website is very popular with lots of details and everyone use for many different purposes like someone use for news, some use for getting the data of gainers, losers etc
  • This also helps in technical analysis with lots of tools like indicators, comparison, drawing lines etc.


  • It is free comprehensive stock research using standard technical and fundamental analysis supplemented with charts and state of the art stock screener and pattern.
  • This websites is a screener for technical analysis and not for chart analysis but very useful because of a technical screener


  • This website is not so much popular but it is very basic technical analysis website.
  • It has static chart type analysis in which one can put indicator and drawings but it charts are not movable, one has to select period and all the picture of trend crate in one frame and one can put all the tools in one frame.

All of the above lists contains websites that are helpful for technical and chart analysis in FREE…


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