Top 10 Amazing YouTube Channels For Stock Market Learning

Here we cover Top 10 amazing Youtube Channels for stock market learning.

We know that we can learn faster by watching and listing than reading only so YouTube is the best place where you can do this. You can watch some expert person who is giving some techniques that helps you to improve your knowledge and help you make a profit in a stock market.

There are lots of channels on Youtube for a stock market but here we cover that Top 10 amazing Youtube channels for stock market learning which are very much useful for best for insight and deep knowledge on stock market only.

Top 10 amazing Youtube Channels for stock market learning:-

1) Market Gurukul:

Subscribers: 217,460

Frequency: Monthly

Who’s can see: Trader, Investor, and beginner in technical analysis

One of my favorite youtube channel which is run by Edward Ji since 2013. On this channel, you can see videos on technical analysis, Money Management, and basics of the stock market. If someone is a beginner then he started to follow this site and my advice to see videos from his playlist where he start from basics and then in other videos he gives details on various indicators and also cover money management.


2) Money Bee Institute Pvt Ltd:-

Subscribers: 77,561

Frequency: Weekly 1 to 2 videos

Who’s can see: Person with study type nature, Investors, and Beginner

Money Bee institute is one kind of training provider with experts who are holding NISM certificates. It is classroom training in which you fill like an actual student who is getting online training on the stock market. Money Bee Institute provides details on Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis with that you can also see interaction and speeches of great investors and experts.


3) Nitin Bhatia:-

Subscribers: 286,981

Frequency: Daily 1 to 2 videos

Who’s can see: Traders, Who want to make a career in the stock market

Nitin Bhatia is a person who runs his channel with a great passion and sharing lots of knowledge on various aspects like recent events, great earning opportunities in the market and cover most of the topics. Here you can learn some basics on a stock market. You can see recent news, events etc.

4) Pankaj Jain:-

Subscribers: 80,000

Frequency: Daily 1 to 2 videos

Who’s can see: F&O Trader

Pankaj Jain is one other person who is also passionate and share more than 800 videos on youtube.

Share videos on Future and Options, Currency, Commodities and how to trade in with a stop loss and entry-exit strategy etc. Pankaj Jain guide on F&O with a practical example that is the best point for any trader. He taught us on every topic with a demo.


5) ProCapital.Mohdfaiz:- 

Frequency: Daily 5 to 10 Videos

Who’s can see: Who want to learn like watching News

Mohd Faiz runs this channel who share daily average 4 to 8 videos on his channel. on his videos, he shares his research study on stocks. He also provides basic knowledge on F&O and gives a meaning of different terminology.

6) Mann Singh:- 

Subscribers: 18,000

Frequency: Monthly 

Who’s can see: Who want to learn option trading

I Personally see Mann Singh channel for learning different strategy on F&O that cover knowledge with practical examples.

7) Sunil Minglani:-

Subscribers: 260,444

Frequency: Weekly 2 to 3 videos

Who’s can see: Beginner 

Sunil Minglani is sharing his thoughts on the stock market with language that people can easily understand without running lots of brains. Here you can learn by understanding what he telling because he is not sharing practical examples. Sunil Minglani covers the basic knowledge, QnA sessions, motivational and phycology of people in the stock market.

8) Pranjal Kamra:-

Subscribers: 184,121

Frequency: Weekly 2 to 3 Videos

Who’s can see: Investors, Beginners and Who want Motivation

Pranjal Kamra is also I said motivational video maker because he also shares why part of people( why you should do and invest in the stock market) only. here you get meaning of different terminology, he shares his thoughts on the importance of a stock market investing in an interesting way.

9) Manikandan R:-

Subscribers: 67,939

Frequency: Monthly

Who’s can see: Traders, Who want to practical demo.

Manikandan R or say cover how part and give knowledge with a practical example which sometimes difficult to understand beginners but very useful for Future & option traders.


Subscribers: 306,241

Frequency: Daily 1 video

Who’s can see: Who want Motivation, Beginner and who want a Knowledge is also I said motivational channel where you get knowledge on basics on a stock market, Why part, Stories of successful traders/investors, what happened in the history of the stock market and related to it with very innovative way.


Beside Above Channel there are lots of channel on YouTube which are based on a stock market where you can learn about a stock market. If you noticed that some channel is more important and his name should be in list so please comment in below section

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