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About us

Here I contain all information about us:-


About us and about me: Hi, My name is Keyur Ghadiyali. Here it is my company website of absolute fin planner.

  • Started this with my team in may-2018 with the goal of providing investor and trader to a better experience.
  • Plan Clients for where and which securities they have to put money for higher return and provide what they wanted.
  • We are a team of research technical analyst and financial advisers, follow the market for past 3 years.
  • now toward our goal is to making it ahead and provide all of the financial related products at one place.

What we are not- About Us:-

  • First of all, I want to clarify that we are not any Intraday tips provider company that gives calls in intraday, F&O or Commodity.
  • We are not SEBI registered advisory service that let you give daily tips and share profits or fees.
  • We are not a salesman or agent of an external company that wants to push to sell their products.

What we are- About Us:-

  • We are educated and experienced members of a team who are knowledgeable and understand all financial products as well as customer financial needs.
  • We are offering all kind of financial services, give knowledge about our financial services to the customer and advise him why any products are important in their life.
  • Offer stock market services at very cheap rate because everybody knows that there is not any kind of magic system that gives a double return in a night so we give knowledge to people, educate them and advise to keep some stocks for some period of time.
  • there are different types of trading/Investment styles like Swing trading, Value investing, short and long-term investing etc. in which we work.
  • We advise that type of stock which give a higher return.
  • There is different kind of advisor/Tips provider in the market that wants higher fees but in exchange, they don’t provide any essential service that helps us. only they provide software, daily tips, F&O advise and applications that don’t exactly work according to they say.

Vision- About us:-


  • My vision is to create a better experience for an investor to invest in the stock market with low fear.
  • My vision is to change trade’s mind that he has to trade daily for making a profit.
  • Not only change trade’s mind but also changing investors mind that he has to wait for long enough to make profits.
  • Change trader’s mind that he has to purchase high fees advisory service, any “magical” software, have to go in an educational institute for learning of trading in high fees where he can learn everything by that he can find small movement and get high-profit points.
  • Change investor’s mind that he has nothing to learn about investing he can get higher profit by waiting only.

So above all points to create one system where investors make an expected return.


Mission – About us:-

  • We have a certain mission to accomplished for better Future. A mission is very straightforward and we have our timeline to complete it.
  • Separate section for updates on our website to take the correct position and increase their knowledge. This section contains only those news, events which are more important and that will affect any stock prices.
  • Provide updates regarding new IPO information and give you an idea that you have to subscribe or not.
  • We want to give you a better experience like a website, application even our seminars and Weekly events.
  • Giving advisory on a good stock through messages, mail etc to our regular clients
  • Our mission is to provide it on all media sources like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook etc.


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Contact Us: Keyur Ghadiyali : 8238418279