Products and Services


Products and Services that are considered for making a financial plan like your investment plan.

In an investment plan, We cover Demat account, Advisory service for taking the correct position and mutual fund for your safeguard.

In insurance plan, We cover all kind of insurance like Health Insurance, term insurance, Motor Insurance, Accidental Insurance etc.

Demat Account

  • Open trading and Demat Account online at the same time
  • Don’t confused which stock broker to select: Discount broker or full-service broker.
  • Select broker and brokerage plans according to your style and don’t get confused with what sales guy from different companies tells.

Absolute Advisor

  • Perfect planning and accurate result
  • Low charges
  • Advisory for the short term, the long-term investment
  • Advisory for Swing trading and no Intra-day trading and no F&O.
  • An advisory system according to your personality
  • 20 to 25 percent return in three month

Mutual Fund

Get return in Mutual Fund with the accurate result, Perfect Advisory according to your goal,

  • Wealth growth
  • Tax planning
  • Child education
  • Retirement planning
  • Purchase planning of car, house etc.

Health Insurance

  • Health insurance plans to provide coverage to your health family in case of illness/ injuries.
  • Cover the cost of health care expenses and hospitalization and save tax
  • Advisory on which health plan preferable to the client.

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Know NCB in motor insurance